Cold, Rainy Weather Delays Lawn Care

Cold weather and dreary rain have delayed lawn care practices this spring.

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The cold temperatures in central Indiana have thrown off a lot of things. Baseball and outdoor activities have been delayed. As of April 1, lawn care has also been pushed back. What do we do with the cold and wet weather? 

Terry Jungles is the owner of TLC Total Lawn Care. His company focuses on an organic approach to lawn care. He says lawn care enthusiasts are still in good shape, despite the cold weather and large amount of rain. Jungles suggests that now is a good time to put pre-emergent crab grass control down. Ultimately this weather has only pushed lawn care specialists back a little bit. 

“I think we are about two weeks behind,” said Jungles. “Typically, it’s going to be a little warmer at the end of this week. Next week it's going to be back down in the 30's and 40's at night. I still think our soil temperatures will be under 50 degrees by the end of next week, which is typically what we think of as the middle of April to have our crab grass control down. I'd say two weeks behind.” 

Don't seed in the spring, especially if you put pre-weed treatment down. They almost cancel each other out. Seedlings won't grow well or survive the hot summer if crab grass treatment and seeding are done at the same time.

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