Turfco Direct Customers Now Have an Additional Maintenance Option with Northern Tool + Equipment.

Northern Tool + Equipment and Turfco Direct team up for Lawn Professionals in Local Markets

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Landscape contractors who use Turfco Direct equipment in their businesses now have a new option for keeping their equipment serviced and maintained in their area. They can now take their equipment in for servicing to a participating Northern Tool + Equipment U.S. retail store.  

Currently, landscapers can work on their own equipment with support from the experienced team at Turfco Direct, or with their preferred local dealer. The agreement with Northern Tool provides an added option for quick turnaround and knowledgeable service. 

Around 90 participating Northern Tool + Equipment stores will offer factory-approved equipment servicing and parts support for Turfco Direct’s full line of commercial landscape care equipment. Customers can still purchase Turfco equipment directly from the company and have it shipped to them.

Turfco Direct sells commercial landscape equipment, such as topdressers, aerators, sprayers, spreaders, edgers and sod-cutters, direct to the customer from its Minneapolis manufacturing facilities.

“The efficiencies of the factory-direct sales method result in improved pricing for customers, and while Turfco currently works with numerous servicing dealers, we’re always looking for ways to provide more options for our customers. Northern Tool + Equipment service centers will provide an expanded level of support,” says George Kinkead, president, Turfco Direct. 

“This is a partnership that can only benefit our customers, who can now turn to their local Northern Tool + Equipment store to meet their servicing needs for Turfco Direct landscape equipment,” says Kinkead. “Northern Tool brings the same level of commitment to quality workmanship and great customer service that we pride ourselves on. We are pleased to have Northern Tool at our side.” 

“Northern Tool welcomes the opportunity to provide full-service support to Turfco Direct customers to demonstrate our ability to better serve landscape contractor customers,” says Scott Hill, project manager, Northern Tool + Equipment. “Northern Tool’s Parts, Service + Repair centers are staffed with experienced technicians who are experts in how to service and maintain power equipment and tools. Our team is looking forward to expanding its expertise working with Turfco products.” 

Turfco Direct customers can use the Northern Tool + Equipment store locator tool found  on the company’s home page www.northerntool.com.