Frostbite Weed Control System

Frostbite Weed Control System from Arctic Inc.

Arcticfrostbiteorganicweedcont 10724149
Arcticfrostbiteorganicweedcont 10724149

The patent-pending Frostbite Weed Control System kills weeds the way nature does: with frost. According to the manufacturer, Frostbite is a fast, effective, organic solution to control common weeds like crabgrass, goosegrass, chickweed, henbit and more with just a single application. Frostbite can prove to be an answer for today’s growing demand for greener lawn care alternatives that can selectively kill weeds without the use of conventional herbicides. The manufacturer, Arctic Inc., says its Frostbite System is cost-competitive with other post-emergent weed control products while providing several performance advantages, including:

  • Naturally eliminates a wide range of weeds without harming cool-season grasses
  • Fast, visible results with one application
  • Instantly rain-safe with no risk of soil/aquifer contamination
  • Effective at any outdoor temperature, even below 50° F and above 85° F
  • No odor, no harmful residues and no re-entry delay
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