Enclave Fungicide

Enclave flowable fungicide from Quali-Pro features Quad-Control Technology, which provides enhanced control while minimizing opportunity for disease resistance.

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Enclave fungicide is the first patent-pending fungicide in North America featuring Quad-Control Technology to control major turf diseases.

Quad-Control Technology, which was developed by Quali-Pro and is unique to Enclave, offers LCOs a superior level of disease control through multiple modes of action, the company says. Enclave's synergistic formulation prevents and controls disease through multi-site activity that prevents diseases both at the point of contact and systemically in the plant.

According to Quali-Pro, results from university studies conclusively found that Enclave, applied in conjunction with Foursome spray pattern indicator—which helps promote uniform pesticide application to produce a more consistent turf response—outperforms other fungicides and consistently improves disease control. Enclave has been formulated to eliminate disease pathogens ranging from anthracnose to brown patch to snow mold on turf.

Registered and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Enclave is labeled for golf courses and landscape ornamentals to provide resistance management year round.

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