Z Turf Equipment Adds Dealers, Updates Lawn Care Equipment Line for 2021

More than 700 dealers added to deliver increased customer support

Z Turf Equipment Z Aerate30 In Use 7
Z Turf Equipment

Evolution is often a time- and labor-intensive process. Two years since the sale of lawn care equipment manufacturer L.T. Rich, the reinvigorated company is back with a new name and an improved, expanded product line for 2021.

The new company – Z Turf Equipment – is now part of the Exmark family of products. According to product manager, Jonathan Guarneri, the company’s 2021 product line has expanded and is more reliable and easier to service than earlier models.

“The transition included numerous challenges to overcome, but we’ve gained a lot of ground since then,” Guarneri said. “We’re committed to the Z Turf Equipment line, and to our customers.

Z Turf Equipmet Z Spray Max In Use 2“We didn’t change the fundamental designs of the machines, as existing users are very happy with their Z-Spray and Z-Aerate (formerly Z-Plug) machines,” he said. “As a result, our focus was on refining the machines, improving quality control and eliminating variances from one product run to another that occurred in the past.”

A good example of this refinement is a change to clinch nut fasteners, instead of weld nuts. Guarneri said the change virtually eliminates the cross-threading of fasteners, both on the production line and during service.

“A change in fasteners may seem like an insignificant detail, but it’s one that can have a major impact on serviceability and long-term durability down the road,” Guarneri said. “All fasteners are sourced from approved suppliers, and this change has substantially improved both quality and consistency.”

Also, Z Turf Equipment has added more than 700 servicing dealers across North America, making it easier for customers to get parts and receive service support for Z-Spray and Z-Aerate machines.

The 2021 Z Turf Equipment line includes six spreader sprayer models, three aerators and one slicer-seeder. Models include:

  • Z-Aerate 40 – 40-inch stand-on aerator
  • Z-Aerate 30 – 30-inch stand-on aerator – new model for 2021
  • Z-Aerate 24 – 24-inch stand-on aerator – new model for 2021
  • Z-Seed – 20-inch walk-behind slicer-seeder – new model for 2021
  • Z-Spray LTS spreader stand-on sprayer – 20-gallon tank; 175-pound hopper
  • Z-Spray Junior 36 stand-on spreader sprayer – 24-gallon tank; 120-pound hopper
  • Z-Spray Junior 42 stand-on spreader sprayer – 30-gallon tank; 150-pound hopper
  • Z-Spray Mid stand-on spreader sprayer – 30-gallon tank; 220-pound hopper
  • Z-Spray Max stand-on spreader sprayer – 60-gallon tank; 220-pound hopper
  • Z-Spray Max XL stand-on spreader sprayer – 60-gallon tank; 220-pound hopper; upgraded 7 GPM Fatboy pump and alternator

Visit ZTurfEquipment.com to find your local Z Turf Equipment dealer and learn more about the company’s complete line of commercial lawn care equipment.