GSE LawnScaper

Landscaping and lawn care on one truck

Lawn Scaper
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More and more lawn care companies are combining lawn treatments with other landscaping services in their business model, creating the need for a truck that meets both needs. The GSE LawnScaper does just that and negates the need to tow a trailer. The Isuzu truck bed allows you to carry a ride-on mower or spreader sprayer, a Graham spray unit of 300 or 400 gallons along with all the other landscape tools you may need. Users have the option to remove the spray unit and block fence if you want to dedicate the truck solely to landscaping, and the fold-down bed rails ensure loading and unloading equipment is a breeze. The LawnScaper features the following and more:

  • AR-30 diaphragm pump and AR-G40 pressure regulator
  • Hannay reel with power rewind
  • Hypro dual strainer
  • Forkable rugged steel skid-mounted frame
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