GSE 300-Gallon Unit

Versatile unit that fits long wheel-base pick-ups

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Graham Spray Equipment
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The GSE 300-Gallon skid sprayer makes the perfect rugged addition to a contractor’s lawn spray equipment. This versatile unit can fit a long wheel-base Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, or GMC pickup. Some of its features include:

  • Tuflex 300-gallon fiberglass tank with metal skid mounting
  • John Bean pressure regulator
  • John Bean sump strainer
  • John Bean 10-10 pump
  • Curbside-mounted electric hose reel
  • GSE 600 PSI hose
  • Lesco spray gun with 4-GPM spray nozzle
  • Honda GX240 8-HP engine with electric start
  • Customization options including a compartmented (110/190) 300-gallon tank, a 400-gallon tank or compartmented 400-gallon tank, and different pump and reel options. 
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