Equipment Demos Part 1: Sell Out Inventory With Fall Demos

Equipment demos may be an effective way to boost falling selling and move inventory as landscapers could very well be in a buying mode.

Most dealers are used to offering customers the opportunity to demo equipment in the springtime, but fall demos may be an effective way to clear out some end-of-year inventory as landscapers could very well be in a buying mode.

Fall Demos Bring it Home

Equipment demos should occur in the spring and fall. Most all dealers push them in the spring, but its fall demos that could help you clear out some end of year inventory when contractors are surprisingly ready to purchase.

“In the spring, there isn’t a lot of grass so demonstrations don’t really have the chance to really challenge the machines,” explains Chase Tew, tactical brand manager for commercial mowing at John Deere. “Spring is still a significant time of year to demonstrate, but I push our dealers push demonstrations hard in the fall.”

In the fall, contractors are coming off their peak season and going into the fall cleanup where conditions may be a bit more challenging and better show the capabilities of the mowers and implements.

“The conditions are a bit tough in the fall because they are running material collection systems,” says Tew. “They are working in some pretty heavy leaves which place a big demand on the engine.”

The fall is a great time to demo for many reasons other than demand on the engine. “Contractors have more time to spend considering new equipment and certain contractors buy prior to year-end for tax purposes,” says Tew. “The fall is a fabulous time to demo because even if they don’t buy before year-end, they have experienced that machine and you are in their consideration set for the spring.”