Training Program Helps Create Competitive Edge

Working Smarter Training Challenge drives profits

Working Smarter is happy to be working with JP Horizons to market the Working Smarter Training Challenge to landscape contractors and equipment dealers across the U.S. Visit GIP Working Smarter for more.

  • Remove thousands of dollars of waste in your company
  • Generate more sales leads and convert those leads into sales
  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Create a more competitive company for years to come

The lesson plans for the Working Smarter program have been restructured to increase scorekeeping and provide more flexibility so companies can train on topics most current for them and see their successes earlier in the 52-week training program.

“Over the past five years, we have learned that the program brings companies together, but we have seen that they struggle to understand the tangible benefits for their businesses until the end of the program,” said Jim Paluch of JP Horizons. “So we now incorporate a scoreboard that drives the process. We also redesigned the training schedule to mix education with action phases, which creates tangible wins on a consistent basis.”

In the first 13 weeks of the program, companies will explore lessons that will help them work more efficiently. During this foundation period, businesses will learn how to define wins, develop process maps, improve attitudes and find the seven types of waste.

After the 13-week foundation, participants will implement Working Smarter Pods: four-week sessions that combine education with action. These pods are centered on one of seven topics, each of which is designed to help companies learn, structure wins, apply knowledge and evaluate success. This part of the Working Smarter Training Challenge introduces companies to topics such as 5 S, spaghetti diagrams and standard work, among other topics that allow for efficiency and growth.

The new structure of the Working Smarter Training Challenge promotes the concept of scorekeeping, because measurements allow companies to understand how well they are performing. The scoreboard enhances Working Smarter’s notion of creating a culture of continuous wins and allows businesses to assess their progress.

“We know tracking your progress with a scoreboard is such an important part of the program, because it allows businesses to have tangible access to their wins,” Paluch said. “JP Horizons is excited to take the feedback of our clients and see this program evolve into a process that helps each company create a culture of continuous wins.”