13 Niches for Tree and Shrub Service Providers

If you want to stand out and quickly establish a tree and shrub revenue stream, consider these unique niches you can market to both existing and potential customers.

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Elliott Schaffer is the founder of Environmental Horticulture Services, a horticultural training and consulting business based in Dublin, OH. He recently spoke at the 2013 Lawn Care Summit about adding a tree and shrub care service to your lawn care business.

Schaffer said a good strategy is to take a crawl/walk/jog/run approach. It's also wise for service providers to offer a menu of services—and reinvent themselves by creating unique niches.

Here's a look at some of the unique niches (specific services) Schaffer said contractors should look into.

1. Tree injections (products from companies like ArborSystems and Arborjet)

2. Trunk soak (with products like Safari insecticide)

3. Vertical mulching

4. Plant growth regulators

5. Poured liquid applications

6. Specialty insect and disease programs (i.e. emerald ash borer)

7. Bed weed control

8. Anti-dessicant sprays (like this one)

9. Compost tea

10. Deer repellents

11. Mulching

12. Small-ornamental pruning

13. Fall tree planting