Don't Delay on Rain Days

Green Industry expert and experienced dealer, Jay Gaskins, shares how taking action on slow days helps you ready your dealership for future business.

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Could rainy or slow days be your best days? There is an old story that speaks of two farmers in the midst of a drought preparing for planting season. Both claimed to have faith that it would rain, but only one farmer actually prepared his fields while the other did nothing. The question is, which farmer truly had faith that it would rain? 

As I type this, it is raining in North Carolina and I recognize that I’ve been a little blue today with the cloudy outlook of another wet day. That said, rain is a necessity for the green industry and the amount of rain can make or break an equipment dealer. Isn’t it odd that we naturally get discouraged over something that is so necessary to our very existence? The reality is, that the more rain we get during these hot summer months, the more grass will continue to grow thus producing more opportunity for the sale of our equipment, services and parts.

Take advantage of downtime

As the season begins to slow down and we get some rainy days, I challenge you to use these days to prepare your own fields for what is to come (harvest). It’s easy to get into the stride of the fast pace of a busy spring season, but I have found in my over 25 years as an outdoor power equipment dealer that it simply won’t last. It will slow down and eventually come to a screeching halt. When that day comes, you certainly don’t want to look back and wish you had accomplished more.

I know you’ve worked hard over the spring rush and are ready for a break. So, take some time away from your business, but don’t vacation while on the job. This is the time of year where it is easy to sit back and wait for a customer to walk in or wait for the phone to ring. It’s easy to be afraid to start a project for fear of getting interrupted, but on slower days accomplishing small tasks is vitally important. 

All of these things have an impact on your profitability and can be addressed during lulls: 

  • Rebates
  • Customer follow ups
  • Filing warranties
  • Restocking shelves
  • Preparing to return slow-moving or overstocked parts
  • Re-merchandising the sales floor
  • Cleaning
  • Preparing for a new season
  • Selling demo models
  • Employee training

With orders still coming in, now is the time to sell through current inventory, capitalize on every opportunity, and provide world-class service to customers who depend on us to keep them cutting. 

Over the next several weeks, I’ll share several thoughts and proven ideas to help you and your dealership become more efficient, profitable, and attractive to consumers while reclaiming those rainy days! Like the wise farmer, let’s prepare now for a great harvest!