Technological Tools for Your Landscaping Business

How landscape and lawn care companies are using technology to better market, manage and grow their businesses.

GPS fleet tracking is just one example of how landscape contractors are using technology to better manage their businesses these days. From mobile communications devices and apps to cloud-based management software and online video training, today's landscape and lawn care contractors are definitely working smarter—both in the office and in the field.

Common ways contractors are using technology in the field include:

  • Tracking trucks, equipment and crews
  • Measuring and estimating
  • Communicating with crews, clients and vendors
  • Problem solving, i.e. weed identification, dealer locator, equipment troubleshooting
  • Creating proposals
  • Entering job notes
  • Invoicing
  • Taking photos
  • Accepting credit card payments

That's just the shortlist, obviously. Now here is a shortlist of some actual technological tools you might like to explore for your company.

GPS Fleet Tracking

NexTraq Fleet Mobile Helps Dispatchers Track Vehicles

Verizon Networkfleet Expands GPS Coverage with Satellite Integration

Fleetmatics Reveal Provides Clear Visibility Into Field Activity, Driver Behavior

Telogis Route Helps You Organize, Plan and Deliver Optimized Routes

Mobile Crew Tracking

NexTraq Connect Keeps Crews Connected

Natural Insight Provides Mobile Time Tracking with GPS Verification

Dexter + Chaney App Helps Quickly Enter Labor, Equipment Hours on Jobsite

Fleetmatics Work for Mobile Field Service Management

Invisi-Tag Helps Landscape Crews Track Equipment

Other Management Tools

ServSuite Management Software Works on Multiple Web Browsers

EverGreen Web-Based Software for Lawn Care Management

Jobber Software for Everyday Landscape Contractors

Square Register Allows Credit Card Payments Anywhere, Anytime

Collect Cashless Payments from Clients with PayJunction

OpenSesame Online Video Training