Rain Bird Expands Water Conservation Website

Rain Bird has expanded its water conservation website to include educational ideas on saving water and water efficient landscaping ideas.

In honor of Smart Irrigation Month, Rain Bird has expanded its 25 Ways to Save 25 program with additional water-saving tips and resources for residential and commercial irrigation sites, as well as golf courses and agricultural operations. Rain Bird launched the educational program in May 2015 in response to California’s ongoing drought and water restrictions, in an effort to help Californians and others reduce their outdoor water use by 25 percent or more while still enjoying healthy, sustainable landscapes.

“Smart Irrigation Month is now underway, and there’s no better time for each of us to reevaluate our outdoor water use,” said Alex Nathanson, corporate marketing brand manager for Rain Bird. “While 25 Ways initially offered residential and commercial irrigation advice, conserving water is truly everyone’s responsibility. By providing even more tips and resources for a wider range of applications, we’re encouraging everyone to work together and make a real difference.”

Based upon Rain Bird’s guiding philosophy, The Intelligent Use of Water, 25 Ways offers practical, effective tips and advice drawn from the company’s 80-plus years of experience in the irrigation industry. Available on their website, these resources can be used anywhere and by anyone who wants to improve their watering efficiency.

Visitors to the newly expanded program website can explore water-saving ideas in four distinct categories: residential, commercial, golf course and agriculture. The site also serves as an educational tool that irrigation contractors can use to help their customers learn about the latest irrigation technology and efficient watering practices.

“For more than 80 years, Rain Bird has researched, developed and tested water-efficient irrigation solutions,” Nathanson added. “25 Ways allows us to share our expertise and make the decision to use less water an easier one. By providing a number of practical options that anyone can implement regardless of where they live and work, we want to help usher in a new era of water efficiency and conservation.”

From intelligent control systems, drip irrigation and recycled water solutions to innovative pumps, filters, valves, rotors, sprays and nozzles, Rain Bird products make it possible for homes, farms, businesses, parks and golf courses to conserve more water. Employees throughout the Rain Bird organization are committed to The Intelligent Use of Water, teaching irrigation professionals how to design and install more efficient systems and educating consumers worldwide about responsible outdoor water use.