The Increased Interest in ‘Mobile’ Lawn Care

Two lawn care companies have recently expanded online and mobile offerings, due to the popularity of 'on-demand' lawn care.

Recently there have more lawn care companies jumping on the trend of apps and websites that make hiring a lawn care or snow company as easy as calling an Uber.

In an article published on CBS Detroit, LawnGuru, a lawn care and snow removal company, now reaches 100 zip codes in Southeast Michigan. LawnGuru has dubbed itself “The Uber of Lawn Care and Snow Removal,” and has customers can either sign up through the iPhone app (the android app will be released soon) or on the website.

Once customers have created an account they enter their address, allowing the app brings up a satellite image of the property. Customers then trace out their areas of lawn, driveway and sidewalk. All the while the app is measuring the actual size of areas on the property that would need servicing.

Customers can get an instant price for service and can see when local service providers are working nearby. In the case of snow removal, customers tap “request plow” and once the job is accepted they get continued updates until the job is completed.

In an article on the Austin BizJournal, LawnStarter Inc. has continued to expand. The company now services in about two-dozen cities in eight states, including recent expansion into more Texas cities and Florida.

LawnStarter, which was founded in 2013, uses the Internet to connect property owners with landscaping contractors. It generates revenue by charging 10 percent to 20 percent of what the contractors are paid. The startup employs 25 workers.

Both LawnGuru and LawnStarter were designed to make it easier for customers to request on-demand lawn service and snow removal, while still incorporating local businesses. 

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