Minnesota Company Wins Six Months of Free Business Coaching

GreenMark Consulting Group to help design/build firm escape the “founder trap” and establish a more systems-based organization.

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GreenMark Consulting Group, which specializes in helping landscape-snow companies see through challenges and map out operational and growth strategies, has selected a family-owned design/build firm from Minnesota as the recipient of six months of free business coaching.

Stone Creations Landscaping & Design in Loretto, MN, was one of several landscaping companies and Green Industry Pros readers who had submitted information outlining their company’s pain points and why they could use the help of a business consultant.

“Stone Creations has a great brand – ‘Let Us Amaze You’ – and really believes in itself,” says Steven Cohen, principal of GreenMark Consulting Group. Stone Creations has been in business since 1999. “The owner also understands that he is stuck in the ‘founder trap’ and is willing to move control of the business from ‘his head’ to ‘processes and procedures’.” Developing systems and standard operating procedures is often a contractor’s biggest stumbling block as his or her company grows.

“The owner also wants to expand marketing efforts and transform how they find new customers in this new digital age, which includes the use of social media,” adds Bill Eastman of GreenMark Consulting Group. “Furthermore, the owner understands that customer service is an extension of sales, and that it can be very difficult to develop lifelong customers. But it can also be very, very rewarding.” Again, the creation of systems to aid in the development, deployment and management of marketing campaigns is critically important as a company seeks to grow and drive profitability.

Stone Creations is owned by husband/wife duo Jeff and Nicole Nute. “Jeff’s obligation to keep his employees busy and employed, meeting with clients, design work and managing operations is just too much for one person to handle anymore,” Nicole relates. “The business side has always been a struggle because there is always so much to do,” adds Jeff. “I’m looking forward to how GreenMark can help me.”

GreenMark will begin its work with Stone Creations by first conducting a thorough “discovery call” that will delve deeper into the company’s pain points, threats and opportunities. From there the two will work together to outline and deploy a map for success. Stay tuned as Green Industry Pros provides updates on progress made.

Everybody gets a much needed resource

While Stone Creations was selected as the grand prize winner, many of the other companies that had submitted information will also come away with something very valuable.

Atlantic Landscape Management in Virginia Beach, VA, was selected as runner-up. They will receive two hours of consulting on their business operations.

Eleven other companies will also be given select tools and resources – all from GreenMark’s vast toolkit and resource library – based on the pain points the companies had highlighted in their submissions.

  • Four Season Property Maintenance in Toms River, NJ ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "Owner As Executive"
  • Ashe & Sons LLC in Okemah, OK ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "How to Organize Your Business"
  • Cultivated Lawn Services LLC in Gilbert, AZ ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "Stages of Business Growth"
  • Crookshanks Maintenance in Mentor, OH ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "Raving Fans Service"
  • Green Life Maintenance LLC in Hollywood, FL ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "Managing Cash Flow"
  • DL Thompson LLC in Williamsport, PA ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "Surround Prospects with Social Media"
  • Torbett's Lawn Care LLC in Murfreesboro, TN ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "Attracting the Right Employee"
  • Landscape Consultants Inc. in Jacksonville, FL ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "Culture on Purpose"
  • Smiling Dog Landscapes in Gold Canyon, AZ ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "Creating Skill Mastery"
  • Natural Solutions Landscape Management LLC in Springfield, OH ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "Employee Reward & Recognition"
  • The Cutting Edge Lawn Grooming and Maintenance in North Grosvenordale, CT ---- GreenMark Performance Tool - "Raving Fans Service"

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