When Does a Business Owner Say Enough is Enough?

How struggling company owners can put themselves on a path toward prosperity – QUICK TIPS from GreenMark Consulting Group

There are three distinct groups of businesses: the elite 5% that dominate their markets, the successful 15% trying to become market leaders, and the aspiring 80%. Calling the 80% “aspiring” is a stretch. Many of these businesses are struggling just to survive.

Why would a business owner agree to be mediocre, to barely survive when so many options are available? It all comes down to the when the owner looks in the mirror and reality is reflected back. It is when enough is finally enough. It is when they realize that it all starts in their own head.

What does this positive owner’s mindset look like?

  • I am not the owner of a small, struggling business. I am the Executive of a fast-growth company on a journey to market leadership
  • All of my time belongs to me. I will decide the priorities and what I work on. What is not mine will be delegated.
  • I will find professional help and take advantage of experts. No more school of hard knocks. I don’t have the money nor the energy to waste anymore time.

Solving the fundamental issues affecting you and your business starts on a personal level. Your business thrives or fails based on what you put into it. If you do not put in enough time and effort, working with and building up those who are there for you, it will all come crashing down.

In order to come out ahead, acknowledging them is the first step in the right direction. Taking corrective measures to aid growth and development is a part of that solid foundation you must build. You will be able to deliver the goods or services offered with satisfaction when you do things with the right mindset in place.

There are five areas small business owners should consider for future success:

  • Personal Development – develop the necessary people skills, management processes and/or marketing capabilities
  • Business Planning – you something in writing to guide and to help you through the challenges of operating your business
  • Action – lay out your plan and quickly take that first step, or it’s very likely that nothing will get done at all
  • Consistency – develop processes to help you remain engaged in consistent in all key areas of business operations
  • Perseverance – you have to dig deep, and seek out inspiration where you can find it.

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