That Mower is Reel Impressive

Having pride in your work shows in the results.

Living in a new rental property where I am responisble for the lawn maintenance, I have taken the road of most people this spring and held off on my mower purchase. As the weather remained chilly here in Wisconsin up until last week, I continued to push it off. This week it seems my grass has grown at the speed of the fabled giant bean stalk. Yesterday as I was taking out my trash, the young neighbor girl was helping her parents out with the lawn maintenance and pushing a reel lawn mower. I think she has a future in the landscaping business, because in just a few minutes she had me agreeing to pay her to roll on over to my yard and do some work.

The gems that kept coming out of her mouth were worth the price. She is just 10 years old, and as she pushed the little reel mower around my yard she shared the knowledge of an elder. “This mower is as powerful as the person behind it wants to be,” says the girl. She told me all the benefits of a reel mower: you save on gas, it’s good for the environment, its good exercise, etc.

The reel mower was pretty impressive. But what impressed me more was this little girl's attitude about the work she was doing. She took pride in the equipment she was using and the effort she put into it. A few of my other neighbors eventually took notice. A couple of them walked over to watch her push the mower and commented on her hard work and the cut quality.

So while the mower itself was what garnered attention initially, it wouldn’t truly impress if it weren’t for the efforts of the little girl behind it. As customers come into your dealership to make a purchase, remember that they are initially attracted to the products, but sold on the service behind them.