Green Industry Pros Kicks off 2nd Annual Mower Madness Championship

Green Industry Pros will soon kick off its second annual Mower Madness Championship. Find out how you can be part of the action.

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Last year, Green Industry Pros announced the first ever Mower Madness: Battle of the Mowers, a virtual social media event modeled after the NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament. 

After a whole year, the games are back and better than ever. All your favorite mowers are revving up to be named the 2022 Mower Madness champion. So, what exactly is Mower Madness, and how can you be a part of this year's action? Simple.

What is Mower Madness?

Mower Madness, located on Green Industry Pros' Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, is a chance for the landscaping community to decide the 2022 Mower Madness Champion.

Green Industry Pros' Mower Madness event will follow the format of March Madness. On Selection Sunday, March 13, 2022, Green Industry Pros announced all competing brands, their designated mowers and their first-round competition. 

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As the games commence, brands will be encouraging their loyal fan base to vote for their designated mower during the entire championship — consisting of the Sweet Sixteen (March 24 -25), Elite Eight (March 28 - 29), Final Four (April 1) and the Championship game (April 4).

How Can You Participate in the Action?

Each game will be posted on all three platforms (Green Industry Pros' Facebook stories, Instagram stories and Twitter posts) for a 24-hour period. Every account is allowed to vote once on all three platforms for a total of three votes PER GAME.

We encourage all audience members to follow Green Industry Pros on social media to stay up-to-date with the championship, and other announcements.

But the question remains: Who will be this year's Mower Madness champion?

Make your votes count!

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