Can Eco-Friendly Landscaping Replace a Lawn?

6 solutions for clients looking to get away from the all-grass lawn.

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There is nothing like the scent of mowed grass on a lazy summer afternoon, except when you have grass allergies and other types of fun experiences with chemical fertilizers that are sometimes overused on today’s lawns—not to mention the extreme consumption of water for the ever thirsty lawn.

Some people—an increasing amount, arguably—are starting to think that the grass lawns of yesterday may need to take a backseat and allow a new and improved solution for lawns and what they need. Thankfully there are plenty of possible substitutes for such areas around a home, something that allows everything you’ve ever wanted from your lawn without the need for chemicals, etc.. The following may easily be a solution that works wonders as a landscaping contractor, so you may want to pitch these ideas to some of your clientele.

1.  There is nothing better than lying down on a fresh green field on a lovely sunny day, reading a good book, looking at the clouds or maybe having a picnic outside with fresh air around. You may want to consider the importance of eco-lawns and ground covers that will reduce the need for chemicals, constant irrigation, mowing and so forth.

2.  Blue Star Creeper, also known as Isotoma fluviatillis, is excellent to use as ground cover due to its fast growth rate and may easily take on the added foot traffic without any issues. You can create a welcoming meadow during the spring and summer seasons you can use without a care in the world.

3.  Green Carpet Rupturewort, also known as Herniaria glabra, is also a good choice due to its small leaves, growing flat near the ground for an excellent evergreen carpet. During the winter it will turn red so you can still enjoy it when the snows melt.

4.  If you happen to have a lot of shade around your garden area, you can do some landscaping and avoid mowing by introducing moss to it instead. This will require you to get out of your comfort zone in what a lawn should look like, as you likely fought mosses away from your garden until now. Sheet moss, also known as Hypnum is really easy to cultivate and use, and it happens to be quite sturdy to foot traffic as well. It will form a good, solid mat you can enjoy when you’re done with it.

5.  If you have a lot of sunny spots instead, you can go with Kidney Weed, also known as Dichondra micrantha, which will easily grow to about two inches in height and loves thriving on hot climates.

6.  The Elfin Thyme or Thymus serpyllum will give you a good, solid mat of foliage that blooms with pretty pale pink flowers in summertime. The greatest thing about it? It will easily stand up to foot traffic and it has a really pleasant scent you can enjoy.

Article provided by Expert Landscape Gardeners Chelsea.