Pesticide Leak in Missouri

Inspect trucks to prevent pesticide leaks, like the recent leak from lawn care truck in Columbia, Missouri.

According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, a leaking lawn care truck was reported to the Columbia Fire Department and other agencies. They reported that the fire department was alerted by a passer-by that a truck was leaking, and the truck driver had notified his company. Capt. Lisa Todd of the fire department said about 25 gallons of solution containing 12 liters of pesticide leaked into a storm drain.

While they determined that the pesticide was not harmful to animals or people, once diluted with water and washed away, it’s important to inspect trucks before you head out in the morning. According to a guide published by the Purdue Pesticide Program, a pesticide spill can be costly to your business, the guide says that prevention is the best insurance when protecting employees and businesses.

The Purdue Pesticide Program recommends that all trucks have a spill kit on-board, in case of the unfortunate event that a leak or spill does occur, employees can contain the spill while waiting for the proper agencies to arrive.