LandOne Software, LLC

Company Overview

LandOne Takeoff is a PDF annotation and measurement software crafted specifically for landscape and irrigation contractors.

Company Details

At LandOne, we believe knowing your costs doesn’t have to be complicated. Our software is designed to make your bid and estimating process fast and easy.

Plan Takeoff

Create simple and accurate landscape and irrigation estimates from an uploaded PDF design or aerial image. Perform takeoffs on a computer or tablet and save your work to the cloud. Zone and measure your project, count installs, and make groups. Export an accurate materials list instantly. LandOne Takeoff removes the guesswork and gives you accurate estimates on the spot.

Irrigation Design

Design irrigation systems down to the last detail or as a simple zone map. LandOne Takeoff allows you to place pipes, heads, and valves spaced accurately using our Distance Guide Tool. Segment the system into zones and add notations for controllers and backflows in a quick 

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