Triax Technologies Proximity Trace

System addresses COVID-19 workforce challenges by managing social distancing and enabling contact tracing on jobsites

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Proximity Trace provides active feedback to the worker in the form of a visual and audible alarm to notify when they need to adjust to a proper social distance, plus passive collection of worker interactions for digital contact tracing should an individual test positive for COVID-19.

  • Eases compliance with social distancing guidelines
  • Accelerates the process for further containment and isolation in the event a worker is diagnosed with the virus
  • TraceTag affixed to hardhat or worn on a lanyard and will emit a real-time alert when workers are in close proximity
  • Gateways collect worker interactions including duration
  • Self-service contact tracing reports for download
  • Not dependent on client WiFi or internet
  • No GPS or off-site tracking and no location data
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