“The Beast” Proves A Beauty For Blazing Trails In Minnesota

Diamond Mowers’ Skid-Steer Rotary Mower Answers the Call for Northwoods’ Property Improvement Service

Trail Blazerz
Diamond Mowers

The Northwoods of Minnesota is home to Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, along with some of the most beautiful forests and lakes in the world. It’s also where the Lund family was raised and where it makes a living as the Trail Blazerz, a family-owned service business based in Bemidji, MN.

Experienced in trail clearing, dirt and gravel work, snow plowing and other property improvements, the company’s primary focus is creating and maintaining trails for recreational activities such as hunting, horseback riding or off-road trail riding.

Trail Blazerz Mower 3Diamond MowersBecause the needs of their customers are as diverse as the trees and vegetation they tackle, Brenda Lund and her family researched several different skid-steer attachments for their Bobcat T66 Track Loader before selecting the Diamond Mowers’ 60” Skid-Steer Rotary Mower, which has proven to be a game-changer for their business.

“We were drawn to Diamond Mowers products because of what we’ve heard about their performance and durability,” notes Lund. “Our customers have been amazed with our productivity and how much work we are able to get done with our rotary mower in a short amount of time.”

One of Lund’s customers even nicknamed the company’s Diamond Mowers skid steer rotary mower  “The Beast.” Whether it’s an overgrown pasture with long grass and brush, cleaning up a forest or blazing a new trail through small- to mid-sized trees, the attachment gets the job done.

Trail Blazerz Mower 1Diamond MowersPreviously, the Trail Blazerz team used a power take-off (PTO) brush cutter towed behind a 1950s Allis-Chalmers tractor for trail creation and maintenance. While they were ultimately able to complete tasks, the process was slow, and they were limited as to the size of trees and the denseness of brush they could tackle and had to repeatedly get off the tractor and use a chainsaw to take down larger trees. Once they upgraded to the rotary mower, however, there was no turning back. Their productivity increased significantly, and they were able to perform larger-scale operations.

“On any given day, we might find ourselves mowing long grass on existing trails and pastures, plowing through dense hazel brush, cleaning up forest under- or over-growth, or knocking down and mulching hardwood and softwood trees ranging from oaks to aspen and pine,” Lund says.

While the company’s core focus is trail creation and maintenance, Trail Blazerz also works with customers to create building sites and reclaim fields and pastures. Projects as varied as these call for strong, versatile equipment that can clear acres of growth and produce reliable, quality results. The company has found the Diamond Mowers’ Rotary Mower ideal for their large-scale brush clearing operations, cutting trees and brush up to 10 in. in diameter.

As far as Diamond Mowers’ customer service goes, Lund says “I’d love to tell you that it was great…but I can’t. I haven’t needed to place a call. Our local dealer has recommended a few spare parts to keep on hand in case we run into trouble, but we have yet to run into even a minor issue!” 

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