Forecasted Weekend Weather Will Drive Need-Based Purchasing

Customers lean on your products and services when weather events drive them to make a purchase. Plan for the weather to be a reliable source in their time of need.

There are several notable weather events occurring over the next several days that will drive need-based consumer purchasing.

Tropical Storm Karen has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Karen is projected to strengthen into a Hurricane and then make landfall as a Tropical Storm this weekend along the central Gulf Coast. Karen will bring heavy rain and flooding to coastal areas of Alabama and Mississippi with impacts felt near New Orleans as well. As Karen moves inland late weekend into early next week, expect rain to impact the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Customers may be needing generators for power backup and chainsaws for handling downed trees.

Warm temperatures are currently taking hold in the major markets of the Northeast and Midwest, making it feel more like Summer than Fall. Temperatures are much warmer than normal, and for many locations, range from 10°F to 30ºF warmer than last year. The heat is also coming to the Southwest Coast this weekend, where Santa Ana winds will cause temperatures to go from below normal to much above normal. 

Snowfall in the Northern Rockies is impacting Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas. Consumers in these markets are getting an early reminder that Winter is coming, and driving need based purchasing of snow removal categories as well as Winter automotive and apparel items.