New Kohler EFI Engine Reduces CO and NOx Emissions

Kohler’s ECH440LE engine is a modified version of the popular Kohler Command Pro EFI ECH440.

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With the demand for more fuel-efficient, low-emission engines on the rise, Kohler Engines is rolling out the ECH440LE engine, a modified version of the popular Kohler Command Pro EFI ECH440 with new, lower emission outputs. The company says this engine significantly reduces emissions, including Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), without sacrificing engine performance. 

“Low-emission technology is not only smart for the environment, but for the health and safety of equipment operators as well,” said Cam Litt, marketing manager for Kohler Engines. “Our engineering team is continuously looking for ways to reduce emissions while improving overall engine performance. The ECH440LE is a great example of Kohler’s leadership in this area.”

Product Features

The ECH440LE engine features Kohler’s closed-loop EFI system, which is specifically calibrated for low-emission applications. The engine’s integrated catalytic exhaust system, in combination with its closed-loop system, help to significantly lower harmful emissions. Different engine applications require a review to help pinpoint the exact EFI calibration and catalyst required to decrease emission output. 

In addition to reduced emissions, the ECH440LE engine offers the benefits of Kohler’s EFI technology, including improved power and enhanced reliability. Kohler’s EFI technology utilizes an oxygen sensor in the engine’s muffler, which continuously monitors the amount of fuel injected and adjusts fuel levels as necessary to optimize performance. EFI engines also offer automotive-like turnkey starting and the elimination of carburetors and their associated maintenance. 

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