Allmand Maxi-Power 45

The Maxi-Power 45 generator is what you need to get the job done.

Allmand Maxi-Power 45
Allmand Maxi-Power 45 generator.
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The Maxi-Power 45 generator has different hitch options available, including a 2-inch ball, 2-inch bulldog, 2 – 5/16-inch ball and a 2 – 5/16-inch bulldog. 

Larger starting capacity to more easily start larger motors with variable loads. Dual fuel filter system with acrylic filter housing which removes contaminants to provide enhanced protection for longer engine life.

48.5 (38.8) kVA standby power

45 (36) kVA prime power

30 run time hours

64 decibel sound level

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