Robotic Lawn Mowers Get Voice Assistant, GPS Upgrades

Battery-powered automatic mowers are adding connected features to make them more precise and easier to use.

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You might not see them every day in the U.S., but robotic lawn mowers are becoming more popular worldwide. One report estimates that sales of these automated gardeners will pass $2 billion by 2022. 

Additions that make robotic lawn mowers integrate with the rest of smart-home setups could make them more tempting. Companies are steadily adding more features including GPS and voice-activated assistants to give these high-cost products a bit more bang for their buck. 

First, let's talk a bit about what to expect from your basic robotic lawnmower. Models vary in price, but typically start at around $900 and become more expensive depending on the yard size and the features you want included on the mower. They're not designed to turn a neglected yard into an expanse that could rival a golf course, but they're meant to maintain an already tamed yard, similar to the idea of a robot vacuum.

In general, robotic lawn mowers are made up of three parts: the mower, a perimeter wire and a charging base. You install the perimeter wire along the edges of a lawn, so the mower knows where to stop cutting. Next, you plug in the base and place the mower on it to charge. Then, the mower cuts the grass based on the options you select on the body of the mower or, in some cases, the mower's app. 

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