Landscaping Business an Ideal Guise For Criminal Enterprise

Landscape companies pose as fronts for money-laundering schemes and illegal drug activity.

The landscaping industry is also commonly referred to as the Green Industry—but not because of all the pot landscape companies grow and sell! When we’re talking Green we’re talking Grass—the kind you walk on, not smoke.

Despite what’s been going on in places like Colorado and Washington, marijuana is still illegal in most states, including Iowa. That’s why a landscape company in Bettendorf was recently nailed for posing as a front for illegal drug activity. At least six co-conspirators were involved. They stored and distributed marijuana, cocaine and meth from its facility, making frequent trips to Chicago to deliver cash and pick up new inventory. When searching the landscape company’s Iowa facility, police also found a stockpile of weapons.

Over in Chattanooga, TN, another landscape company has gotten into a wee bit of trouble, posing as a front for a two-year international money-laundering scheme. Different contractors were sending a U.S. Army official in Afghanistan money in hopes of ultimately winning contracts with the Army. The Army official then shipped the money to his buddy back in the States, a Chattanooga landscape company owner. The landscape company owner than paid the Army official back in the way of a salary for working in his landscape company, so to speak.

For both of these companies, it’s game over. For the rest of you, better just stick to mowing lawns and building landscapes.