Scumbags Like This Give Landscapers a Bad Name

Duo posing as tree service contractors may have robbed elderly couple of life savings.

According to a report by WABC-TV in New York, a couple of con artists posing as landscape contractors could have robbed an elderly Long Island couple of its entire life savings.

Two guys showed up at the couple’s house saying they wanted to point out some trees in the backyard that needed to be trimmed. One led the husband to the backyard while the other escorted the wife shortly thereafter. After the men left, the husband noticed that a safe in his closet was missing (perhaps suggesting that a third person must have been involved). That safe contained roughly $50,000.

Ironically, the husband had tirelessly worked his entire career as a custodian and, you guessed it, a landscaper.

Police continue to investigate the situation, which could be linked to other odd encounters neighbors have had with men fitting the same description.