RIghtPlantz.com: Web Platform to Help Home Gardeners

RightPlantz is a website to aid amateur gardeners in finding the right plants for their home and landscape.

National Association of Landscape Professionals
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Have you ever watched people wander around a nursery or garden center skimming plant tags trying to find flowers, plants and trees that would be best for their yard? You often feel that they’ll be buying the wrong plants and putting them in the wrong places in their yard. 

Bruce Allentuck, president of Allentuck Landscaping in Clarksburg, Maryland, owned a garden center early in his career and knows there's a need to help amateur gardeners and homeowners looking for some curb appeal. Unfortunately, most garden centers aren’t able to employ staff who have a background in horticulture, so customers are on their own when picking plants. It was this need that Allentuck and his daughter, Tara who has a background in landscape architecture, sought to meet with their newly developed website RightPlantz.

The two were inspired after listening to a Mark Cuban podcast where he stated, “If you can solve a problem, you have a business.”

RightPlantz.com helps answer consumers questions about what plants may be best for their garden, provides inspiration and tutorials and connects consumers with landscape professionals and garden centers. What started as a casual brainstorming session between father and daughter has turned into a resource for consumers, landscape professionals and garden centers alike.

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