PERC shares resources for municipal propane use to support National Park & Recreation Month

Propane-powered equipment can help parks and recreation departments reduce emissions and costs

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In recognition of National Park & Recreation Month, the Propane Education & Research Council updated its online resources to help parks and recreation officials learn how propane-powered maintenance equipment can reduce local emissions and save fuel and operating costs.

“The savings and environmental benefits of using propane makes the fuel a great choice for municipalities determined to keep their communities healthy, clean, and safe,” said Jeremy Wishart, PERC director of off-road business development. “We’re seeing increasing interest from municipal fleets in using clean-burning propane equipment to reduce emissions and costs. By highlighting these resources, we hope to connect parks directors and fleet managers with the information they need to support those goals.”

National Park & Recreation Month, started in 1985 by the National Recreation and Parks Association, promotes the importance of parks and recreation in health and wellness, conservation, and social equity. Propane-powered mowers and propane autogas vehicles can help meet these goals by helping departments reduce emissions, and reduce fuel costs that can then benefit other parks projects.

The municipal resources webpage, available at, features several case studies and testimonial videos showcasing the success of fleets currently using propane mowers and propane autogas vehicles across the United States. A fact sheet is also available on the site that can easily be shared with city council members or county commissioners. Parks and recreation leaders and fleet managers can also access information regarding:

  • PERC’s Propane Mower Incentive Program, which offers $1,000 per qualifying mower purchase or $500 per qualifying conversion with a convenient online application.
  • The Propane Mower Cost Calculator, an online tool that parks officials and fleet managers can use to see the possible savings switching to propane can offer. The tool shows both immediate savings by using propane compared to gasoline or diesel, as well as savings that fleets can see over time with the fuel.
  • The Find a Propane Supplier tool to locate local refueling partners.
  • The Find a Propane Equipment Dealer tool, which includes more than 500 equipment dealers selling propane-powered mowers or conversion kits in the tool database.  
  • The Cut eNewsletter, a quarterly email from PERC featuring insights on regulations, fuel incentives; videos and articles; research; new technology for commercial propane mowers; fleet management tips; and trade show or event announcements.
  • The Autogas Refuel eNewsletter, a quarterly email from PERC featuring insights on propane autogas vehicles for private and public fleets, including fleet management tips; news regarding federal regulations and incentives; research; and peer case studies and videos.

To learn more about the benefits of using propane mowers and propane autogas vehicles, visit