Mejor Aims to Assist in Communication Gap With Bilingual Landscape Business Management Software Application

This technology recognizes that English and Spanish are the two languages that dominate the landscape industry in the United States

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Mejor business management software has been available to the general public since 2018, but the company recently released a new bilingual feature to the application.

The feature is a toggle switch that is accessible via mobile device, tablet, or desktop that allows a user to switch from English to Spanish.

 “We were seeing an interesting trend within the landscape industry. The more businesses’ we came in contact with, the more we realized the majority of them were dealing with a pretty significant language barrier,” said Charles Miller, President and CEO Charles Miller companies and Mejor Founder. “I am bilingual myself after working in this industry for over 30 years, so I could only imagine how difficult it would be if I wasn’t able to direct my crews effectively.”

Based on 30 years of hands-on industry experience growing a landscape design/build company, developers sought to resolve the difficulties landscape companies were having in relation to language.

“We are proud to offer this feature and think it is huge asset to the day-to-day business but also the bigger picture,” Miller said. “We believe our subscribers will see how much more efficient and productive their crews will be and also how beneficial it is in building a better culture and work environment.”

Mejor has also introduced a bilingual option to their website,, so business owners will be able to fully understand the benefits that this landscape business management software has to offer.

The subscription-based service costs about $8/day, with a limited-time 60-day free trial. It includes:

  • Daily profit tracking to help businesses better understand crew outputs and enhance efficiencies
  • Automated communication functions to improve customer service and reduce administrative time and costs, including real time client reports and customized scheduling texts
  • Simplified payroll management, including creating accurate payroll reports
  • Enhanced project management and scheduling abilities, including client priorities and property details, quick ‘task assignment’ functionality communicated directly to the field
  • Online client and employee portals with 24-hour access to client service history records and details on assigned and completed tasks, improving accountability and transparency for employees, crews, managers, and clients.