New Landscape Service Software Caters to Unique Green Industry Needs

New software meets unique needs of landscaping companies

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WorkWave, a provider of cloud-based software solutions recently released a specific solution for those in the green industry.

WorkWave Service Lawn & Landscape was designed in conjunction with WorkWave’s current landscape customers to ensure that WorkWave understood the unique requirements of these industries, and created software that would enable them to drive increased efficiency and profitability, while offering a superior digital experience for their teams and customers.Workwave3

“Much like the pest control industry, the landscaping  industry has specific needs unlike any other service industry, and our software’s ability to meet these unique needs is critical to helping them grow and run an increasingly digital business,” said David Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave. “This vertical focus is especially important now, as customers of these essential industries are expecting a more contactless experience from their field service providers.”

With WorkWave Service Lawn & Landscape users will utilize applications that feature industry-specific terms and designs, service set-ups, and helpful content that will:

Improve their digital presence and drive new sales through online booking, where customers can get quotes and book services online, as well as access and view lead details from any mobile device.

Complete more jobs and become more efficient by letting customers know when their landscaping and cleaning crews are on the way via text, updating customers on the job status, having them confirm appointments, and knowing where field employees are when they start a job through geotagging.

Save time and improve cash flow with integrated payment options, such as the ability to email customers or send an invoice with an Epay link after a job is complete, collect bulk payments at the end of the workday, and take payments digitally.

Access the software via one universal license, giving teams the flexibility to use WorkWave Service whether they are in the office or on-the-go.

With these Workwave Service applications, companies can experience the flexibility and mobility they need to provide quality service from any location, generate new sales, and drive overall profitability.