All-In-One Software System Helps Landscape Contractors Drive Business Efficiency and Profits

Toro's Horizon360 tracks the productivity of crews and equipment, automates the billing process, and enhance time management of a landscaper's businesses.

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Drive more profits and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business with new Toro Horizon360 business software for landscape contractors.

This new, all-in-one software suite allows landscape contractors to more effectively track the productivity of their crews and equipment, automate their billing process, and enhance the time management of their businesses.

“Horizon360 empowers landscape contractors like no other software on the market,” said Dave Francis, senior marketing manager at Toro. “We’ve leveraged our 100 years of experience and expertise to develop a software system that will give you more data, better data and powerful tools to analyze the effectiveness of your business – in an incredibly easy-to-use, intuitive package.”

“You don’t have to be a tech geek to realize the powerful potential of our software,” Francis added. “It’s that easy to use. Now you can work smarter, not harder, with all of the analytics you need at your fingertips.”Horizon Lp Billboard Flat 5f062feae8a99 5f062ffa98584 5f06300298c08

Power-Packed Productivity

Being the boss of your business means lots of responsibilities – scheduling, invoicing, client contact – and long hours with few days off. Horizon360 is designed for you – to lift the burdens of worry and stress by helping you streamline your business, reduce the chaos, and begin to optimize the performance of your business so you can deliver better customer service, attract and retain great employees, manage your time better, and increase your revenues and ultimately, your profit margins.

Matt Lawonn, owner of Lawonn Lawn and Landscaping, located in suburban Milwaukee, says the productivity gains of using Horizon360 are real and tangible.

“Knowing your numbers is crucial in knowing your productivity and your financials,” Lawonn said. “With Horizon360, we could take a deeper look into our numbers and become more profitable. It met and exceeded all of our business expectations. It allowed us to focus on more important tasks and become more efficient and profitable.”

Horizon360 landscape contractor software is designed to help landscape contractors be more productive, from start to finish of every day and every season. From proof of service, to job notes, and office notes, operators will never miss getting paid for work that was lost or forgotten due to lost paper or manual invoicing. With real-time equipment tracking and an intuitive bi-lingual phone app, managing complex scheduling, challenging weather events and multiple crews have never been easier.

Go Anywhere Equipment Tracking

So how do you power up all of this productivity enhancing muscle?

It begins with Horizon360 tracking devices. These small devices, the size of a wallet, are powered by 12-volt batteries and communicate with Horizon360, after they’re installed on a gas-powered mower, snowblower or other piece of equipment. The tracking device syncs up with the Horizon360 app on the smartphones of your employees. The Horizon360 tracking device begins to communicate a bevy of information, including:

  • Know the actual location of your equipment and crew
  • Job start and end times based on a calendar schedule and
  • Equipment usage -- the time your equipment was in actual use

The business owner or the crew boss can then monitor all of this data in real-time from their own smart phone or from a desktop computer back at the office. By setting up a geofence around a customer’s property, you can see in real-time when your crew enters and leaves a job.

But the data doesn’t stop there. Horizon360 also helps you with customer management, too. Horizon360 allows you and your entire crew to see their daily schedule and on-demand jobs at their fingertips. It allows your crew to manual or auto-start jobs and track actual on-the-job time vs. the schedule. The proof of service photo feature safeguards your business from customer complaints or claims of damage. And, if your team performed any add-on services at the request of the customer, a note can be made in the Horizon360 app that allows the business owner to follow-up with customer and/or to invoice for the additional service.

All of Your Equipment – Mowers, Snowblowers, Yard Tools

The Horizon360 is engineered to work with all gas-powered equipment – walk-behind mowers, zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers, riding mowers, snowblowers, aerators – you name it, it’s ready.

It works with Toro equipment as well as competitive equipment, too, to allow you to capture data and analyze the performance of everything you use. By monitoring all of your equipment, Horizon360 lets you see which pieces of equipment are being used the most, and which deliver the best performance based on fuel use. This can help you monitor equipment downtime as well as plan on future equipment purchases.

Put You Back in the Driver’s Seat

Horizon360 puts the business owner, back in the driver’s seat. Instead of letting your business run your life, you can run your business better and regain control of your time – so you can do the stuff you really love.

Whether you’re running solo or have crews to manage, Horizon360’s scheduling tool is easy and intuitive to use. It lets you easily assign work, balance schedules, and manage the inevitable rain days by simply reassigning and rescheduling with a few clicks. No jobs are lost or forgotten. And on-demand jobs can easily be prioritized for snow, irrigation or storm events when normal scheduling isn’t an option.

Horizon360 also lets you get more control over the estimation process, too. No need for separate estimation tools. That’s because Horizon360 enables you to accurately and quickly create estimates. When these estimates turn into customers and jobs, they are automatically entered into the system and the work is ready to schedule.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Toro Horizon360 Logo Tag RgbWith Horizon360, there will be no more guesswork about how well your business is performing. Want to know where your crews are and how long they spent at a particular job? Want to know which pieces of equipment were used at each job and which pieces of equipment are sitting idle?

Horizon360 gets you answers to those questions and more, including two of the most important questions to impact your business:\

  1. Did I bid this job correctly?
  2. How many more jobs can I take on before I need to add another member to my crew?

With Horizon360, you don’t need an CFO to answer those and other questions about your business’ performance because Toro’s analytics tell the story to you with easy-to-understand graphics. Now you can start focusing on managing your business by the numbers instead of by your gut emotions.

Ready to Grow as Your Business Grows

More importantly, Horizon360 was built to scale with contractors as they grow, from start to finish, of every day and every season.

With Horizon360 you don’t have to sign away your first born to realize the powerful benefits of this software package. There are no sign-on fees and no yearly contracts. Horizon360 has options for you to get started driving stronger profits to the bottom line. Take your business to new heights with our basic plan ($99/month), recommended for start-ups and small firms with less than five workers, or premium plan ($199/month), which is recommended for mid-size and larger landscape contractor firms.  No matter which tier you choose, Toro guarantees world-class expert onboarding support at no extra charge.

The Bottom Line

With more data and better data, Horizon360 gives you the insight to understand exactly what’s happening with your business and how you can make it better.  Within just 90 days, you will see how powerful and easy-to-use Horizon360 is, and if you use it regularly, you will see distinct financial impact on your bottom line.