Gravely Unveils New Lines and Updates to Its Commercial and Residential Mowers

Lineup features all-day comfort and top performance

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Gravely has spent more than 100 years bringing the latest technology to customers. In 2020, Gravely has unveiled five new mowers with commercial and residential applications.

“We’ve redesigned the Gravely lineup with user comfort at the core of every decision,” says Grant Wilson, director, product management. “We’re proud to release several mowers designed to provide all-day comfort and industry-leading performance.”

It’s Electric

Among the highlights of their unveiling is a much-anticipated all-day electric commercial mower.

The lithium-ion powered Pro-Turn EV offers swappable FusionCore QuikSwap batteries to let users mow longer. The four batteries last approximately five hours.

A brushless wheel-drive transmission ensures operators get the same level of power expected from a gas-powered model and oversized spindle motors keep the blades from slowing down when the machine hits thick grass. Dsc08774 Pro Turn Ev Weiss 071420

Commercial Comfort

The Pro-Turn 600 lets commercial operators cut more lawns in a day and get home in less pain. Some of the impacts associated with zero-turn mowers has been removed with addition of an Operator Pod System which isolates the driver from the machine. High-back comfort seats make the users feel like they are in the machine, rather than on it.

To improve performance, Gravely’ s engineering team has implemented the X-Factor 3 deck. The solid steel construction also promises better grass dispersion.

The mower features radial tires for better traction on varying landscapes and an easy-to-use height-of-cut dial to adjust the cutting deck in ¼-inch increments. 

The Pro-Turn Z and ZX mowers deliver the great performance at a lower price point.

Suspension forks absorb impacts, improve the ride, and reduce fatigue while high-back seats keep operators comfortable all day.

A new suspension seat has been installed on the ZX model that complements the suspension forks by absorbing the smaller vibrations in addition to the larger impacts.

Fabricated decks feature a reinforced leading edge for better grass dispersion and a unique, automotive-style tubular frame brings a higher level of durability and hillside stability.

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Making Neighbors Jealous

On the residential-side of things, Gravely’ s ZT HD has every appearance of being a commercial mower, except it lives in a garage instead of on a trailer. According to the company, it’s the mower known for making neighbors jealous.

Updated features on the popular model, include seat isolation and increased comfort for long periods of mowing.

The ZT HD tubular frame increases durability and provides a lower center of gravity to improve hillside stability.

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