Exclusive Cost Savings Offered with Integration of Target Specialty Products and WorkWave Marketplace

WorkWave, Target Specialty Products partner in the WorkWave Marketplace to provide direct cost savings exclusively to its customer base

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Target Specialty Products has been integrated into WorkWave ‘s software solution via the WorkWave MarketPlace. The initiative offers WorkWave customers broad, exclusive discounts on all materials and supplies when ordering directly through WorkWave PestPac’s integration into the Target Specialty Products e-commerce platform.

In addition the integration offers improved efficiencies with every purchase, only available to the WorkWave customers through this partnership.

“This is an industry-changing partnership that will provide our pest control customers substantial savings that will directly cut their costs, improve their profitability, and allow them to reinvest to grow their business,” said David F. Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave. “With this program, WorkWave customers will see that as their true partner we can use the power of WorkWave Payments on their behalf, to offer them direct, bottom-line savings that they could never achieve on their own.”

The partnership with Target Specialty Products combines not just their e-commerce technology and product catalogue, but also improves the customer experience and expertise of service operators by making their deep knowledge and experience available as well. This unique offering is exclusive to WorkWave PestPac customers.

It is the second partnership through which WorkWave has secured a financial advantage for its customers. Additional initiatives are planned in the future.

Target Specialty Products and WorkWave will take the customer experience to the next level by not only offering quick and easy access to one of the largest product portfolios in the industry, PestPac, but also improving pest control operator’s knowledge, efficiency, service cost, and ultimate profitability via this digital relationship,” said David Helt, President of Target Specialty Products. “At Target Specialty Products we are proud to partner with WorkWave in support of their initiative to advance the industries they lead, advocate for their customer base, and show their commitment to improving the profitability of their customer base.”

“It is our goal to drive innovation in the pest control industry and provide customers with a superior competitive advantage,” said Giannetto.

Visit the WorkWave website for more information on the program and to see how you can qualify.

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