LMN Releases New Lending Platform as Part of Product Update 21.10

LMN Lend, Advance Map Routing Feature, an improved payment processing platform, LMN Refer and more are part of the latest update

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Landscape Management Network (LMN) announced its 21.10 product update, the most significant update in recent years, featuring more than a dozen new highlights including LMN Lend, the software system’s new online financing platform to help landscapers gain access to capital to grow their business.

LMN Lend provides landscaping business owners the ability to apply and obtain funding for investments to expand their book of business for needed resources including equipment, materials, staffing, accounts receivable and more.

“A major obstacle facing landscape owners is access to capital,” said Mark Bradley, CEO, LMN. “As an owner of a landscaping business, I saw firsthand how critical it was to make strategic investments in my business that would accelerate growth. Oftentimes, it can be challenging to go to a bank, credit union, or shop online for the best rates while running the day-to-day operations for your business. LMN Lend solves this challenge by bringing high-quality, competitive rates direct to our customers and beyond.”

Landscapers can complete the online application process in less than 15 minutes to access funding offers from lenders and banks. Unlike traditional financing options, landscape contractors can receive funding approval in as quickly as 24 hours. More information on LMN Lend can be found at golmn.com/lend.

Added Mapping Routing Capabilities to Meet Customer Demand

LMN’s Product Update also features a new map routing feature to help crews in the field become more efficient. The system generates route maps for up to 50 sites, addressing a top feature requested by customers in scheduling and time management.

Owner operators can now plug multiple jobs into LMN and crews will receive the most precise route to the worksite, improving efficiency and productivity.

Additional Features

The 21.10 product update features additional application enhancements to create a better experience for customers, including:

  • LMN Pay: Providing a frictionless online experience while helping improve cash flow and reduce costs through lower fees, the new payment processing platform from LMN is part of the Customer Portal. LMN Pay offers improved functionality when customers access the system to pay for job invoices, submit work requests, and view jobsite activity photos such as landscaping installation and snow removal.
  • LMN Refer: A new easy-to-use referral platform inside the LMN app incentivizes customers to refer LMN to other landscape companies. Customers can earn unlimited rewards by sharing the benefits of LMN with others.
  • New divisional analytics: This new functionality allows landscape business owners the ability to track financial reporting in greater detail and see more data between different lines of the business (irrigation vs. hardscape, etc.).
  • Job analytics: Another new function will help administrators see job performance based on budgeted hours and help companies identify root causes for inefficient jobs.
  • Timesheet and crew analytics: Helping business owners identify more quickly which employees are logging in on-time for jobs, the most productive crews, which teams may need additional support, and much more.

 The 21.10 product update is now available for all LMN users. For more information on the product update watch the video below.