RedMax Releases New Blower

Features of RedMax's EBZ8560 blower include a large fuel tank, cushioned straps and a ventilated back pad for all-day operator comfort.

Red Max Blower
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RedMax unveiled its EBZ8560 blower to seamlessly blow away heavy debris such as lawn clippings and leaves.

Features of the new product include:

  • A large fuel tank for long-lasting blowing without the need of having to constantly refuel.
  • Cushioned straps and a ventilated back pad to reduce fatigue and provide all-day comfort for the landscape professional.
  • It produces 1,000 CFM of air volume at speeds of 220 mph at the nozzle, making it faster to clear large areas.
  • It's available for an MSRP of  $670.94 .
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