Scythe Robotics Updates Scythe M.52

Scythe Robotics rolled out the latest generation of Scythe M.52, its all-electric, fully autonomous commercial mower.

Scythe M 52 Latest Generation May 2024
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Scythe Robotics rolled out the latest generation of Scythe M.52, its all-electric, fully autonomous commercial mower.

Notable upgrades include a 25% increase in battery capacity, a completely redesigned control panel and field-tested durability.

"This generation of M.52 is the result of our most extensive testing and development, tailored specifically to meet the needs of our landscape customers" said Robert McCutcheon, senior staff mechanical design engineer at Scythe. "We are proud to produce an innovative, durable mower that unlocks the productivity of the crew mowing with it. Our commitment to reliability and safety ensures we provide a trusted solution, while our integration of groundbreaking technology redefines commercial landscape maintenance.”

More details on the improvements include:

  • The upgraded battery technology in this generation of M.52 ensures crews can confidently tackle a full day of precision mowing on a wide variety of commercial properties. The batteries endured rigorous testing in extreme temperatures and conditions well beyond what M.52 will experience in normal mowing operations. Additional improvements also cut the charge time in half and set the stage for the future integration of the North American Charging Standard.
  • The new control panel improves and expands the mower’s functionality with ergonomic bar-style controls, a large touch screen that displays live status updates and an intuitive interface for creating mow zones and adjusting mower settings. The companion Scythe mobile app further equips crews with enhanced tools for increased productivity and field level intelligence, allowing for simple mow zone management, settings adjustments from a distance and efficient communication with bilingual Scythe field support.

Following the recent expansion of Scythe's production facility, the company is set to build over 100 next-generation mowers during the 2024 season for its largest deployment to date. The new M.52 will roll out to landscape contractors across Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Ohio, with additional regions under consideration thanks to the rapid advancements made by the team.

Test units had to tackle tough terrain, endure extreme climates and successfully complete marathon mowing sessions while maintaining strict safety standards and superior cut quality. Including vibration testing, water ingress evaluations and extreme temperature trials, each component has been meticulously evaluated to ensure optimal functionality in real-world conditions.


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