Help Battling the Increasing Distractions on the Road Today

PRO-DEFENSE courses from Instructional Technologies help drivers battle the increasing distractions on the road today.

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Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) designed the PRO-DEFENSE defensive driving program to address the increasing amount and types of distractions that professional drivers face on the road. The company says the structured system includes eight courses introducing seven concepts that spell out DEFENSE as follows:

  • Distraction avoidance. Instant communication and information systems in today’s vehicles are a leading cause of distracted driving.
  • Effective communication. Driving predictably and signaling your intentions, as well as reading the intentions of other motorists, can help ensure safety.
  • Fatigue management. Fatigued driving can have a serious impact on reaction times and the ability to operate safely.
  • Evaluating space. Creating a safety zone and constantly checking surroundings is a proven approach to taking appropriate action to avoid collisions.
  • Navigating hazards. Awareness of hazards like distracted drivers, low clearances, merging lanes, and changing weather and road conditions means being aware of your surroundings.
  • Speed management. Driving at a safe speed for road and environmental conditions is one of the most important elements of defensive driving and a key to avoiding crashes.
  • Essential planning. From interstates to city streets to customer locations, maximizing safety requires planning effectively every day.
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