Super Lawn Technologies Solar Lawn Truck

Charge outdoor power equipment from any location throughout the workday

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Super Lawn Technologies offers landscape professionals on-the-go battery-charging capabilities for their outdoor power equipment from any location throughout the workday. The Solar Lawn Truck, a vehicle lined with solar panels to channel solar energy into power was introduced first introduced in 2017 with the Mobile Solar Powered Charging Station to provide renewable energy for the on-the-go-battery charging of commercial lawn care equipment. In 2019, the Generation 2 Mobile Solar Powered Charging Station was released to allow for charging of zero-turn or stand-on battery-powered lawn mowers inside the enclosed truck body. Features:

  • Chassis is a 2019 Isuzu, FE404 Gas, Single Cab, 176″ WB, 14500 lb. GVW, Automatic, A/C, PW/PDL, AM/FM/CD, Fire Ext., Triangle Kit
  • Truck body is a 16′ SLT ECO™ body, 14′ Flat Floor, 2′ interior dovetail – 96″ W x 85″ H hardwood floor, translucent roof, ¾” thick interior plywood walls 4′ from floor, 4 slats above. Interior front wall ¾” plywood from ceiling to floor, white aluminum exterior.
  • Options include: 2.5 Cubic Yard, 80″ W x 48″ H x 36″ Debris Dumper, dual half-swing doors both sides. Dumps to passenger side, approximately 1 Ton lift rating. 8 D-Rings for tarp.
  • Hydra-Ramp System – SLT ECO  – Single gate, push button operation, single hydraulic cylinder, all steel construction, anti-slip coating.
  • Double Utility Shelf – Steel frame, ¾” plywood bottom, locate first shelf 43’’ from floor, locate second shelf 64’’ from floor.
  • Hand and power equipment storage system - Organizes over 30 hand and power tools on sidewall interior of enclosed truck bodies
  • Back-Up camera and monitor.
  • Super Mobile Solar Charging Station Gen II- 10 each 100 Watt Flex Solar Panels, 100 Amp Solar Controller, 50 Amp Inverter, 3000 W Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger/Load Mangement, 6 each 224 Amp Hour AGM Solar Batteries 6 Volts, remote controller, install kits to include all connectors, wiring, hardware and labor.
  • 50 Amp Electrical Service Required- Designed to charge hand-held battery equipment plus up to 2 batter-powered mowers and charge from a dedicated 50 Amp 4 prong 240 V power source.
  • Ability to recharge a battery fleet while in the field to maintain a three-man crew for a full 8-hour shift.
  • Commercial-grade performance, noise reduction, and the elimination of odors and emissions to maximize efficiency and performance during the workday.
  • The elimination of reliance on fossil fuels, which increase maintenance costs and run afoul of regulatory requirements.
  • A beta-testing opportunity for some professional landscape crews who can exchange their gas-powered energy consumption for more environmentally friendly lithium-ion and solar-powered advancements, because Super Lawn Technologies is inviting landscape pros with a two- to three-person crew and three years of business experience to apply here to become testers of the new Solar Lawn Truck.

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