Winter Equipment Patriot Steel Snowplow Cutting Edge System

Cutting edge system features hardcore blade with superior cutting power.

Winter Equipment Patriot
Winter Equipment
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Winter Equipment’s Patriot system cutting edges are designed to clear packed snow and ice from rough roads, asphalt, and concrete streets at lower speeds. The system comes with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that if the product’s wear system does not perform or last as long as promised, the company will work with its customers until they are satisfied.

  • Wear bars are filled with Winter carbide matrix weld paired with high-quality, hardened steel for increased blade life
  • Serrated design self-sharpens and cuts through packed snow, which decreases salt usage and chemical treatment
  • For easy and safe installation, the system features three Patriot sectional blades
  • Two Winter PlowGuard Maxx guards are included in the system to defend against uneven and premature wear

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