Oklahoma Landscaper Finds Solution for Small-footprint Jobs

GreenShade Trees tackles diverse array of landscaping jobs with Ditch Witch mini skid steer.

Based in Yukon, OK, GreenShade Trees harvests trees specifically suited to thrive in Oklahoma’s harsh weather conditions. In 2009, the company added commercial and residential landscaping to their list of expertise, and has since undertaken many unique projects, such as installation of one of the first green roofs in the Oklahoma City area.

As GreenShade continues to grow and take on new projects, the company is tasked to complete jobs with increasingly smaller footprints – jobs that are ill-equipped for the large and heavy machinery in GreenShade’s fleet. In the past, the company’s landscapers relied on wheelbarrows to move materials like rock and gravel on these smaller jobsites. Without machinery, more landscapers were required to accomplish the jobsite tasks, and productivity still dropped throughout the day as workers became tired.

To improve productivity on the smaller jobs, GreenShade added a Ditch Witch SK752 mini skid steer to its fleet of landscaping equipment. The compact, construction-grade machine delivers long-lasting performance for a wide range of light- to medium-duty landscaping and construction projects, and delivers nearly 10% more operating capacity over similar models, Ditch Witch assures.

“The SK752 has the power and functionality to give my landscapers confidence when tackling any of our compact jobs,” said Justin Lingo, owner of GreenShade Trees. “Each morning, it’s loaded onto the truck and headed out to a job. We’re making better use of our time and landscapers.”

The visibility and maneuverability of the SK752 has been particularly helpful to the company when completing projects in tight spaces. On one jobsite, landscapers needed to move nearly 30 tons of gravel between two retaining walls. Without the mini skid steer, manually moving and shoveling the gravel would have easily taken at least three landscapers all day to complete. With the SK752, the project took one operator to complete the task.

“Thanks to the secure operator station and improved productivity, efficiency and functionality, the SK752 has become a necessity for our landscapers,” said Lingo. “I only wish we bought one sooner.”