Husqvarna Launches the MADSAW

The first and only dielectric gas-powered pole saw available to tree care and utility professionals

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Husqvarna has released a dielectric gas-powered pole saw, the 525DEPS MADSAW, designed for a variety of professional settings such as a tree professional or a trained utility worker.

Designed with safety in mind, the company says the MADSAW is the first and only dielectric gas-powered pole saw individually tested to meet the OSHA standard for electric power generation, transmission, and distribution.

“This tool specifically has been well thought out and well researched by the engineers at Husqvarna. The fit, the balance, the purpose, and the testability of the tool gives you the confidence when you’re out there trimming around high voltage power lines”, says Ed Carpenter, CEO and President of North American Training Solutions.

The MADSAW offers insulation to prevent electrical conductivity and extreme versatility with the ability to be operated aloft in a bucket, in-tree, as well as on the ground. By utilizing the nonconductive properties and extended length of the saw, operators can work more efficiently while staying further away from the strike zone and line of fire.

For groundwork in storm emergency situations, both the 9-foot and the 12-and-a-half-foot lengths of the pole saw are suitable for on-the-ground line clearance work.

“Knowing the constraints of currently available hydraulic powered or manual insulated pole saws, it was clear that innovation was needed to boost productivity while safely working around power lines.” says Robert McCutcheon Husqvarna North America president. “The MADSAW was designed to enhance versatility and maneuverability for the user, and we’re confident that this new innovation has the potential to revolutionize the way utility arborists perform their day-to-day work.”

The device features a 25 cc 2-stroke engine with 1.34 HP and X-Torg. It also included Husqvarna’s LowVib technology, which incorporated rubber isolation to minimize vibrations transferred to the user.

Additional safety enhancements include a movable rubber barrier, which operators can adjust according to their desired reach area. The MADSAW’s aluminum caps are designed for all-weather capabilities.