ValleyCrest Tree Care Services Gains Tree Care Industry Accreditation

Program helps consumers find high-quality tree care companies; only 10% of TCIA members have achieved this honor.

ValleyCrest Tree Care Services, a national commercial and residential tree care company, has been accredited under the Tree Care Company Accreditation program administered by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

The TCIA Accreditation program is built on the threefold foundation of ethics, quality and consumer confidence. To date, only 10% of TCIA member companies have achieved this highest of honors.

TCIA Accreditation means ValleyCrest Tree Care Services adheres to all the accreditation standards and has undergone a rigorous application process. TCIA verified this by conducting an on-site audit of ValleyCrest Tree Care Services facilities and work sites.

TCIA Accreditation for ValleyCrest Tree Care Services is in effect for a period of three years, with renewal check-ups required every year. The annual renewal ensures that the company continues to employ trained professionals, is still properly insured and has a good safety and consumer satisfaction rating. The company is re-accredited every three years.

How TCIA Accreditation works

According to TCIA president Mark Garvin, “TCIA Accreditation provides consumers a way to find tree care companies that are trustworthy in their business and tree care practices. Our TCIA Accreditation program is the only one of its kind in America and will give consumers peace of mind.”

The process of becoming accredited is no easy task. According to Vic Bernardini, general manager of ValleyCrest Tree Care Services, “The process is incredibly thorough. They left no stone unturned. Receiving formal recognition as one of the best tree care companies around from TCIA, the recognized industry authority, strengthens our credentials and enhances our ability to deliver the best value and unmatched service to our customers every day.” Garvin echoes that sentiment. “ValleyCrest Tree Care Services has made a commitment to excellence in all facets of its business. I applaud their efforts.”

According to Bernardini, “ValleyCrest has performed tree care services throughout the company's more than 62-year history, but over the last six years, the Tree Care Division has nearly tripled in size from seven locations to more than 20 nationally. As a result of this increasingly large footprint, and team of more than 50 Certified Arborists and more than 400 production personnel, ValleyCrest Tree Care Services is capable of meeting the needs of any commercial, municipal or residential customer in major parts of the United States.”

Markets in which ValleyCrest’s tree care services have risen in demand include:


Washington, D.C. Metro



  • Central - Orlando
  • Southwest Florida
  • South Florida
  • Southeast Florida


  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County

Arizona – Phoenix