Why Front Desk Service Matters

A green industry expert delves into why the office manager is one of the most important people within a landscape operation.

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Who is the most important person in your business? Most people would say that it’s the CEO, but in truth, the most important person is the one your customers converse with the most: your office coordinator. Your office coordinator is the face of your business. They are the first person a customer sees or talks to when they enter the business and the first voice they hear when they call in, so it’s essential that it’s someone they want to remember.

If your office coordinator is harsh or unfriendly, that could make a customer, vendor or salesperson not want to visit your business again. For example, there’s a local company here in Illinois that neither myself or anyone on my team likes to visit because the person in charge is always rude. So, when we have to purchase from them, we put it off as long as we can so we don’t have to deal with that person.

Don’t let that be your business. Instead, focus on hiring someone for the role that understands your mission, vision and values and is willing to represent your business to the best of their ability.

Why the office coordinator is important


This role increases productivity company wide. Including handling the constant interruptions of the phone, delivering messages and prioritizing projects, an office coordinator ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.


An experienced receptionist or office coordinator will familiarize themselves with the unique jargon and process designed specifically for your industry. In doing so, this will allow them to converse with customers, contractors, and vendors effectively and efficiently.

Cost effectiveness

Hiring staff is one of the biggest expenses for any business. Salaries, benefits, equipment and other related expenses add up, but the importance of this role supersedes the cost. In truth, it may cost you more NOT having this role in your business.


It’s impossible for the owner of a business to do every job required. An office coordinator can eliminate phone interruptions, prioritize call backs and offer an organized overview of every interaction they have had daily, thus eliminating the stress of something falling through the cracks.

First impressions

The office coordinator is the first person a customer, contractor or vendor interacts with, which makes them the most valuable player on the team. It’s their job to project an image of a well-oiled machine. If the CEO is sitting at the desk or answering the phone, it may signal that operations are not on point.

Starting out, hiring an office coordinator could feel like the last thing you can afford to hire in your business, but the reality is that it should be the first role you hire in your business. From first impressions to increased productivity, this role is the MVP of the company.

How an office coordinator supports a business

1. Answering and routing in office phone calls

2. Greeting visitors (physically)

3. Scheduling and schedule management (for the whole team)

4. Maintaining the physical office

5. Mailing, shipping, etc.

6. Take and deliver messages (for the whole team).

7. Bookkeeping and/or accounting duties

8. Clerical tasks

9. Organization and preparation

10. Manage email, live chats and other digital communications

11. Perform online measurements on properties

12. Prepare simple mowing/lawn fertilization/mosquito proposals

13. Develop customer newsletters and more