What Next? Free Route-Planning Software Buying Guide

The guide offers information on what’s needed to purchase the right route planning software for small to mid-sized fleets.

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OnTerra Systems introduces its free route-planning software buying guide for managers of small to mid-sized fleets. It’s available for download at www.routesavvy.com/free-route-planning-software-buyers-guide-download/. According to OnTerra, this new buying guide covers the most important information fleet managers need to make the right purchasing decision when shopping for route planning software tools. Here are some highlights:

  • Introduction to route-planning software.
  • How route planning software actually works.
  • Benefits of using route-planning software.
  • Industries that should be using route-planning software.
  • Route-planning software buying tips.
  • RouteSavvy route-planning software highlights.
  • Case studies on how much time and money route-planning software is saving its users.
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