BrightView Named MLB's Official Field Consultant

Company has history of consulting on fields outside of U.S.

BrightView's Sports Turf Divisoin has been named Major League Baseball’s (MLB)official field consultant

BrightView Sports Turf has worked with MLB for many years as a consultant on field design and construction for games outside of the leagues 30 existing ballparks. This includes a two-game series in 2016 at Puerto Rico's Hiram Bithorn Stadium in 2016.

“Our role as field consultant to Major League Baseball covers various functions for the many initiatives the Commissioner’s office manages both domestically and internationally,” said Murray Cook, president of BrightView Sports Turf. “The core of our involvement is renovating and managing fields for international events, which can also include designing and coordinating construction projects.”

In addition to field development initiatives, BrightView has also performed a number of site and ballpark reviews. The company has worked closely with MLB's international department to evaluate sites seeking to host games, including the Olympics and Olympic qualifying tournaments.

“Through our relationship with BrightView and Murray Cook, Major League Baseball has expanded our efforts to play games in different parts of the world on big league caliber baseball fields," said Jim Small MLB international senior vice president. "That relationship will continue this summer when we work with Murray and his team on bringing MLB games to London for the first time ever.”“