6 Ways to Update An Outdoor Space This Season

Think about these six landscaping elements to satisfy the cravings of today's homeowners.

As a landscape contractor, you know the advantages of updating your clients' yards and gardens in accordance with their needs. A recent Houzz study revealed that 56% of homeowners are making updates to their yards and gardens for entertaining purposes. Likewise, another 55% are updating their outdoor space to solve problematic issues such as sun exposure, privacy and flooding.

Now is the ideal time to offer your landscaping expertise to clients who wish to have their outdoor space updated but don't have time to do it themselves. Here are six ideas that will make their outdoor spaces pop and serve their functional and entertainment needs this summer.

Ideas for Outdoor Space Updates

Outdoor Bar and Grill. A deck or patio can become an extension of someone's indoor living space with the addition of an outdoor bar and grill. Your professional knowledge of landscaping and design allows you to listen to what the client is envisioning and make suggestions. The addition of an outdoor bar and grill makes it easy for homeowners to entertain family members, friends and other guests.

Multi-Tasking Storage Space. Lack of storage space in a person's yard results in the frustration of trying to figure out where to put garden supplies, kids' toys and other frequently used items. Storage benches placed on a patio or deck can take care of removing clutter and also provide additional seating. Suggest storage and seating combinations that work well with clients' existing patio decor or that will complement the overall design you're working on.

Automated Watering. It's a real treat for homeowners to be able to come home after a long day at work and relax outdoors. Automated watering is an effective addition for busy couples or families that have a large yard, a garden or landscaping that needs regular watering. Use your expertise to explain the benefits of automated watering and how it can add to the quality of your clients' lives.

A Comfy Outdoor Living Space. Turn a "nice patio" into an outdoor living space that's inviting, comfortable and functional. As you plan along with your clients, offer suggestions for seating areas that complement the rest of the area, as well as your clients' lifestyles. Show them how particular seating arrangements or styles can add to the enjoyment derived from their outdoor space.

Landscaping and Gardening for Non-Green Thumbs. Not everyone has a green thumb. Suggest easy-to-care-for plants that are hardy during dry weather or will thrive with little care, while still adding to the beauty of the yard or garden. Your professional knowledge will be highly appreciated by people who want their yards to make it look like they’re master gardeners.

Light the Way. Lighting around patios, garden pathways and other areas allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space long after the sun has gone down. Suggest various types of lighting that fit in with the yard design.

Professional Landscaping for Beauty and Function

By working with your clients and really listening to their needs and dreams, you can help increase awareness of the benefits of professional landscaping. Many homeowners used to feel that they could or should do the landscaping themselves. But times have changed and homeowners are interested in enlisting the help of a professional to solve their outdoor problems or help them create the outdoor space of their dreams. The above ideas, along with the ideas and services you have to offer, can assist clients in obtaining the yard, garden or patio they can enjoy throughout the seasons.

About the author:  Jeff Caldwell is Brand Manager of Superior Shade in Carrollton, GA. Superior Shade provides protection that matters—umbrellas, shade sails, and shade hips—all that provide protection from the sun and harmful UV rays. We provide custom products for parks, schools, auto dealerships, and more, and our engineers can custom build shade for your unique space.