Landscape Designs That Fight Crime

Landscaping tips that can help keep burglars from targeting a home or even business.

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As reported by WTSP 10 News in Tampa Bay, FL, it’s very sensible to suggest that smart landscaping could actually help deter potential burglars.

For instance, a St. Petersburg police offer says a two-tier hedge is pretty difficult to climb over, and could prove very useful.

Using thorny plants as a property line or below windows can be very effective. Options include

  • Bougainvillea
  • Spanish Bayonet
  • Century Plant
  • Cactus (various)
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Limeberry

You can also incorporate some fencing into the landscape to work in concert with the burglar-deterring plants in order to create aesthetically pleasing barriers to entry.

As with any landscaping, consideration should be given as to how large the plant will grow. Landscaping should not obscure windows or doors from view, and it should not create areas where potential burglars can hide.